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Web application and Shopify app development

Thinkanew Media is a web development workshop and studio, based in Surrey.

Our professional designers, content writers, SEO experts and associate specialists will build and develop your digital assets and collateral.

Website development
We design and develop customised websites built on WordPress, a universal platform which currently powers one of every three websites and on other platforms as required.
Content creation
Without current, clear and relevant content, a website falls to the bottom of the search engine pool. Our content provision service is driven by trained and experienced journalists and editors.
Marketing & SEO
Social media platforms, current content and the latest technology will help your site's rankings in search engines. We do not use paid for SEO trickery and will work with your marketing team to best effect.
Security, support & hosting
Our web customers enjoy the support, leading edge security and hosting capabilities which we are able to offer. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are bespoke to each client.
Web application development
Using our many years of experience, we are able to develop applications for the web that work on all devices. Our expertise includes a spread of web services as well as API development.
We provide technology support for solutions we develop, as well as the provision of consultancy services to help guide you to the right solutions for your business.

We will work in partnership with you and deliver the best possible solution for you and your company.

Our work actively helps to drive the growth of your business.

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